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Coaching Studies Academy International
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Slobodan Manic

                               I thank God for guiding me through my whole life, for protecting me and for making me what I am.

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Certified Natural Healer Reiki
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Slobodan's early childhood was filled with natural phenomena related with energy healing. He begins to explore the knowledge of various religions, studies methods of natural medicine, the influence of the Universe on people, the functioning of people, the movement of energy, and so on. As a teenager, he reveals his ability to heal.He moves that way and studying,art of healing science and every possibility that can make people healthier and happier.His path is full of wonderful experiences in researching and healing itself.
Exploring  the potential of the human mind becomes his preoccupation.Continuing with his work, but increasingly turns to the techniques of the mind.On the basis of his own experiences as well as the experiences of other researchers of the mind, he creates his own  program and techniques.

Slobodan is founder and owner of  "The Mind  Code Academy "-Independent Virtual Academy-Researching and Education;

"The MInd Code" modern  techniques of mind based on ancient knowledge; 

He developed "The Mind Energy Coaching" based on existing popular  methods;

He is :
Graduated Engineer of Urban Ecology;

Accredited and Certified :

Transformative science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapist,   NLP Master practitioner,    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach,   Professional Life Coach,   Professional  EFT&TFT Master practitioner,   Emotion code practitioner,
Metaphysician,   Reiki Master Teacher,   Golden Angelic Healing Teacher,   Ericksonian Hypnotherapist,   Conversational Hypnotherapist,   Acupressure Master Parctitioner;

Silva Method

He completed 2 high schools , music school ,a first degree in a law college,  etc.

Member of :  International Association of Therapist,  ,Coaching Studies Academy International ,Healers library ,Eurasia-International teaching and education research association,Astronomers without borders etc...


                                     Vision of the future :
"I am sure that if we teach our children, about the nature, laws and principles of the universe,about Energy and Mind, generations will come that will be healthy, happy, and successful. They will be able to understand how everything works in a natural way."

                      "No healers, no doctors, teachers only"
                                   Slobodan  Manic
Slobodan and his wife Tatjana worked together and professionally in healing programs and techniques of mind, helping many people to achieve healthy, happy and prosperous lives.Their daughter Maya has a great role to play in their research and successful business.
For their successful work, research and helping people to achieve a healthy, happy and prosperous life, the City Nis,(Serbia,Europe), where they lived at that time, before coming to the USA, awarded  and honors them.

Grand Prix for success and advancement in the economy
of  Small Business

             Golden trophy

Reward  for a successful career

Golden Plaque - Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Realization and Affirmation of a Small Business
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Some of popular TV shows -Mastering Mind

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