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Emotion   Code

"Emotion Code is a  method that quite often
 produces marvelous results and wonderful

 benefits, both physical and emotional in nature."
 Dr Bradley Nelson




The Emotion Code is created  by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Session can be done in person, by telephone, Skype or  via email by proxy.The Emotion Code is an safe and gentle technique that helps to identify and  release trapped emotions.
Everyone has a lot of emotional baggage what can affect your life on many ways, your  health ,success in anything you need and happiness.




Invisible energy vibrate on many diferent frequencies.All our emotions vibrate with invisible energies, both, good and bad.Using EC techniques, we can discover the ones we want to get rid of.Trapped emotions are released using magnetic energy.
I have experience in Acupuncture for many years.Governing Meridian is an energy reservoir that connects directly to all the acupuncture meridians of the entire body.This is one of the reasons that we can act from one channel GM on everyone else.During my many years researching of Acupuncture healing I found many interesting details.One of them is that the Great Masters used only a few acupuncture points for healing and very complicated diseases.So,I am really happy and grateful that there are people, researchers such as Dr Bradley Nelson who find simple and successful ways to solve many life challenges.

                                                             "If the situation is complicated, it does not mean that and way
                                                                    to solve it must be complicated also; usually it is very simple."
                                                                   Slobodan B. M.

   You can be comfortable at your home, I can do this all over the phone ,skype or via email proxy and help you to release of trapped emotions

                                                                                                 Heart Wall

Many times, we need to put up a “wall” around our heart in order to protect ourselves.Studies have shown that many people have a Heart Wall, even 93% have built a protective barrier around their heart.So you’ll feel sad,unhappy ,lonely and frustrated. You could even end up with heart disease or other heart problems.After the release of unwanted emotions built around the heart, releaseing of Heart Wall, you have a chance for a much healthier successful and better life.
The trained practitioner connects with the client and can works proxy.This is another benefit of this method.Wherever a clients are in the world, can sit at home and get help.
Depending on how many Trapped Emotions need to be released,an proxy session can run  between 20 minutes to 1 hour.Because the same reason it depends on how much session it takes.For some emotional and physical conditions only one session may be enough.Your body knows very well, how many TE it can safely release and process at one time ;Usually it takes 1-5 days for this.You will receive my report within 2-3 days after the session, via email.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."
Albert Einstein
Five more Things You Should Know to Use The Emotion Code Correctly
by Dr Bradley
Trapped Emotions are identified individually and released one at a time, not in groups or bundles.
To release the pain, each trapped emotion had to be identified as a single and separate energy. 
The Emotion Code is a very precise method. 
It is important to let the body tell you how much Emotion Code work to do in a session.
The body needs a few days to process trapped emotions after they are released. 

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