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A Saboteur is an Energetic Weapon that is created by someone with the intent of causing harm and placed unknowingly in your energy field. These are often a manifestation of someone's negative feelings toward you, but can also be a way for someone to exert control over you.
Have you ever heard the phrase " stabbed in the back "? Well this is a common saying people use to describe the feeling of betrayal. These saboteur energies are weapons made of pure, invisible energy that are either self-inflicted or inflicted by another person.

For example:
That hit me over the head!
That felt like a punch in the gut!
My hands are tied.
Interestingly, there is no limit to the type of weapon used. The subconscious is a vast storehouse of symbolism so each weapon type will have it’s own meaning and particular wound it’s trying to create. These weapons can be placed in body parts, organs, chakras & other areas of the body depending on what the weapon’s purpose is. It is possible to identify exactly what the weapon’s intent is but not always necessary depending on how ready your subconscious is to let it go.
Because the mind works on symbolism the bullet could symbolize them wanting to threaten you in order to stop you from getting what you want in life. The right side of the body is the power side and your ability to create what you want in life while the arm represents your ability to take what you need from life. So now you have an Energetic Weapon  that is used to make you afraid of feeling powerful enough to get what you want from life. It will be running in your energy field all the time creating this powerless feeling that you will have trouble identifying because it was placed their by someone else.

These Saboteurs can placed for any number of reasons and the people who placed them are also as likely to still be in your life. They may be from people you care about who in a moment of anger or fear placed one on you or they could be from people who you barely knew but had intense negative energy for you. There are a few symptoms that make it easier to identify but muscle testing is the fastest way to find them & release them so they are gone for good.

With powerful mind techniques, I can help you to get rid of these influences.

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