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About a Mind


The mind is powerful. It was also known by the ancient civilizations. They used the power of mind for healing. Today, we also know some of the techniques that the powers of the mind act for helping people and their benefits.

The mind has two parts which are the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is everything that is inside of our awareness. This means that any feelings, emotions, sensations, memories, perceptions or anything that you can think about or talk about take place in your conscious mind. The unconscious mind is everything that is outside of our awareness. This means that any feelings, emotions, memories, thoughts, fantasies, and so on are things that you are unaware of taking place in your unconscious mind, but they still affect your everyday life.

More explanations:
The ability of artificial minds is explored in the field of artificial intelligence, which is closely related to cybernetics and information theory in understanding the way in which information processing using non-biological machines is comparable to or different from mental phenomena in the human mind. The mind is also considered as the energy of consciousness, where sensory impressions and mental phenomena are constantly changing.

Mind power is one of the strongest  powers we possess. This power consists of our thoughts. The thoughts that pass through our mind are responsible for everything that happens in our life. Our predominant thoughts influence our behavior and attitude and control our actions and reactions.

"The mind is the form of intellect and consciousness expressed by a combination of thought, comprehension, memory, feeling, will and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes. The term is often used for thought processes of reason. The mind is expressed subjectively as a course of consciousness."
In a wider meaning, the mind is a set of human spiritual powers, and even exceeds human capacity alone; The mind is also what constitutes the order of things in the world. The mind signifies a person's higher spiritual ability that does not relate to cause-consequence, rational knowledge, but to concepts and categories, on the recognition of values, on the universal connection of things, and the purpose that is contained in these relationships.

Among the important philosophers of the mind are Plato, Dekart, Leibniz, Lok, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Serl, Denet, Fodor, Nagel, and Chalmers.

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Slobodan Boban Manic

"Personal mind is informational energy that constantly creates; The Personal Mind is of two principles. One is connected with the Collective and Cosmic Mind and the other with the material things around us. They permeate each other.

A Collective mind is a set of personal minds that has a new value;

Cosmic Mind is a Great non-manifested potent energy creation that works on the pulses of the personal and collective mind.

There are cosmic laws and principles, and they allow creation at all levels,  at the material level as well."

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