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What is an Entities

An entity is any independently conscious negative energy form that may have malicious or damaging intent. Entities may be distinct beings or created through thought or negative intention. This is why it is essential to be in control of your thoughts.

By far, the the most common types of entities are created by humans.
No matter how much they try and remove the entity, it persists. This is because they are creating the entity. They clear the entity and then create it, and the cycle keeps repeating. The best solution for this is to address the intention and focused thought that is creating the entity. The creation of such entities is always fear based and often a 'me and them' attitude exists alongside this.

Entities may cause all sorts of problems such as lowering your vibration, energy vampirism, control of your thoughts and feelings and may potentially cause many more issues such as relationship problems.

It is also possible to pick up entities when you astral travel or during a shamanic journey if you are not experienced enough in the process.

Entities can attach to your etheric bodies in various ways such as when you have visited a specific building or a site, have been in contact with a particular group of people or have been part of or performing rituals without proper preparation or protection, have allowed for your vibration and personal power to be weakened.

How to prevent Entities

The key to being safe from any entity attachments is to keep your personal power at a high vibrational level. Negative entities are usually of quite a low vibration and feed off the energy of fear and anger. By letting go of your fear of an entity, you are raising your vibration and preventing it from causing harm, and preventing it from manipulating your life.

If you believe an entity can’t harm you, then the entity can't hurt you. This is a powerful intention that I strongly advise you try and strengthen!

Many people are very fearful or obsessed about entity activity, that they create an intention of being surrounded and influenced by entities. Be careful about what you are unintentionally creating. Your intentions and thoughts are potent!

Ensure that your intentions are not creating the entities that are affecting you. If you have been trying to remove and protect yourself from entities for a long time without success, then this is essential to address straight away.

Make sure you are not continuing to engage in certain rituals or practices that can further allow for entities to attach and cause harm. Also ensure you do not set an intention of revenge when removing an entity, especially if you suspect it was sent to you deliberately. If you set such an intention, it will not be possible to remove entities altogether.

Some of the symptoms of repeated entity attack may also be signs of mental illness. It is very important to speak to a medical practitioner if this is the case.

Think about a time when an uninvited individual stood too close to you. I’ll bet it made you feel uncomfortable. This person was standing inside your auric field. The feeling of physical discomfort you experienced was an indication that your energetic boundary had been violated. We are often consciously aware of this kind of violation and even more so when we are touched or hugged without permission. The feelings of anxiety or uneasiness we experience develops because our boundary is being crossed. Our personal space is being invaded.

An individual’s emotional energy can also enter the auric field. When we take on another’s emotional energy we typically react to this intrusion subconsciously. We experience this unwanted energy as a part of ourselves instead of recognizing it as an intrusion. Instead of recognizing them for what they are, we think, believe and interact with the thoughts, feelings, needs and desires we sense are our own. We assume we are the ones who must deal with them. We take responsibility for what we perceive within ourselves and endeavor to satisfy the need or resolve the problem.  This is what happens to us when we have an attached entity inside our auric field.
I’ll bet there have also been times when you have tried to handle a problem and found that the issue only rolled around and around in your mind to no avail. No matter how hard you tried to solve the problem you were unable to come up with a solution. I would suggest that in these situations, the problems you were trying to resolve really were not yours.

We take on energy from other people, including their troubles, all of the time. We are especially susceptible to this among our friends and family. Once their emotional energy has penetrated our aura, we respond to it by trying to fix the problem. We need to get rid of that  negative energy.

What Makes Attached Entities So Bad

Like the emotional energy of others, we can also allow an parasitic entity to enter our auric field. When an entity penetrates our aura it is classified as being “attached.” Angels, spirit guides and ghosts do not enter the auric field. They respect our boundaries and honor us and our personal space. Attached entities, on the other hand, do not care about boundaries and believe it is perfectly okay to come into our energy field. This lack of respect for us is the reason why “attached entities” are put into a lower, more harmful, category than ghosts. Even if a ghostly presence is mean, vindictive and spiteful, he or she is still honoring us and our personal space.

I firmly believed, in the past, that these non-corporeal beings were uninvited guests who had somehow invaded our space. Upon closer examination of individuals suffering from entity attachments, the overwhelming majority invited them in unintentionally. For now it is important to recognize the significance of having one of these beings in our auric field.

What Is An Attached Entity

The first question most people ask when talking about attached entities is, what do we experience when an entity has attached and entered our personal space? It can be summarized into two words – control and manipulation.

All attached entities are parasites. Their vibration is low. They are typically ego driven, emotionally negative and out for themselves. When they are in our auric field we experience their thoughts, feelings and emotions, however nasty they may be. The vast majority of people with an attached entity are unaware of its presence. The sufferer assumes they are responsible for creating the ongoing patterns of negative thoughts and undesired emotional responses they are experiencing. They end up owning the entity’s energy as their own. They eventually believe “this is who I am.” They mistakenly live out their lives surrounded by these lies and feel powerless to change.

Do I Have An Attached Entity

Are you wondering if you have an attached entity? There are a number of signs that can indicate if one is present. Symptoms of an entity attachment include:

• A history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse

• Disassociation or being ungrounded

• Memory problems

• Hearing voices or an inner voice that constantly criticizes you

• Repeating patterns of behaviors

• Anxiety or panic attacks

• Irrational bouts of fear, anger, sadness or guilt

• Sudden changes in behavior or mood swings

• Depression or thoughts of suicide that you can’t seem to stop

• Addictive behaviors, including addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex or gambling

• Impulsive behavior or an attraction to dangerous situations

• Illnesses that will not respond to treatment or are of an unknown cause

Granted, everyone can have a bad day. It has been my observation that if any of these issues are ongoing or persistent in your life, then it may be a good idea to find out if an entity is plaguing you.

If you think you may have an entity attached to you pay attention on your aura. Do you feel some heat or tingling in and around your body. Perhaps you detect it in one location verses all over your body? Do you feel a subtle pressure on your skin or as if someone is standing extremely close to you? These are all indicators that somebody or something is in your personal space.

What we call the 'world' and the 'universe' is only one frequency range in an infinite number sharing the same space. The interdimensional entities I write about are able to move between these frequencies or dimensions and manipulate our lives.
David Icke
With powerful mind techniques, I can help you to get rid of these influences.

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