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Energetic Cords
Energetic Cords
                      We are all made up of energy and everything around us is made of energy.

When our energy interacts with the energies of people, places, and things, we then form something called a psychic tie with them. Psychic ties are small energetic connections that look like threads and can affect how we feel and interact with others. Psychic ties can be easily formed and can also be easily released or cut.
When we have a very strong connection energetically with someone or something (such as a traumatic event) we form what is called a Negative Energetic Cord. We form both Positive Energetic Cords and Negative Energetic Cords and when a Negative Energetic Cord is significant, it can contain energies that affect our Chakras blocking us emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically.  Negative Energetic Cords can be difficult to permanently release and we need the assistance of both the Divine (such as an Ascended Master or an Archangel) as well as a trained Energetic Cord Cutting Professional in order to cut them.

                                                  Who do we form these cords of attachment with?

Most often, we form Negative Energetic Cords with people who we have interacted with (now or in the past) in a significant way, such as:


Spouses (current and former)

Co-workers (current and former)



Former Friends

Ex-Relationships or Sexual Partners

Someone who has violated us in a physical or emotional way


We can also form Negative Energetic Cords with traumatic events from our past, such as a sexual assault. Surprisingly, we can even form these cords with groups of people or even a famous person we have never met (such as a political figure) if that person's actions or personality affects us deeply.

                                                                      How do negative energetic cords affect us?

We can be affected by these cords in a variety of ways, including:  

Energy levels are depleted
Feelings of general leathery, depression, unexplained sadness
Feeling so emotionally connected to an ex to the point where you are unable to attract a new, healthy relationship in your life
Experiencing a lack of confidence in your abilities and talents (especially in the workplace)
Consistently being defensive when around certain people
Feelings of being ‘stuck’ or unable to make decision
Repeating patterns in friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships
Clinging on to relationships for fear of abandonment
Attracting negative people or events in your life on a continuous basis
Holding on to anger, pain, or hurt from the past
Lowered immune function, getting sick often
Obsessive thoughts about another person
Not speaking your truth or defending your position to another out of fear
Feeling drained emotionally or physically after interacting with a person, on a regular basis

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