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Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Miracles ,they happen in harmony with nature, with the universe, and when you understand ,

you realize that this is normal because it is natural and by the Law.

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Instead of worry,              You believe

                                                                                      Instead of fear,                 Be sure You can

                                                                                      IInstead of run away ,     Take the action

                                                                                                  And All powers of Universe

                                                                                                    Will create ,what you want.

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

When you get into the dark room

You do not open the window and throw out the darkness

You push the button and the light is there

If you feel the darkness in yourself

Do not bother to throw it out

Bring light into yourself and the darkness will disappear.

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW
Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Instead of worrying or scaring

Take the Laws of the Universe,

Take the method or technique you know;

If for some reason this method

does not work for you,

Take another one fit for you


If you want to be successful

Forget the excuses.

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Your powers are great, you can do everything.

If your life bring you a trouble

that's just to get the best out of you,

Shade exists only because the sun shines

Diamond is created just under pressure.

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

If you think you can't,

Do something,

Think deeper,

Work harder,

Change the way,

Change a method,

And you will realize

What you want!

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

The Universe is neither good nor bad

The Universe is always exact

So, learn the Laws and

Use them

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

        Everything is simple,

But no one sad it's always easy

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Instead of trying to be better than others

Let others try to be better than you

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Being relaxed does not             mean being

         Soft and weak

Slobodan.B.Manic TMHTW

Creator created everything; He created the Universe and everything in him;

He created the possibility of creating for us, human beings also.

Slobodan B. Manic
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