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                                                          INVISIBLE AND UNDESIRABLE INFLUENCES

The UniVerzum and everything in it is composed of vibratory information energies. Thus, matter is just energy condensed to the point of visibility. Our emotions, thoughts, body and all our organs vibrate with certain frequencies. All beings are in constant interaction with each other. This is precisely why both conscious and subconscious influences are possible. We can classify them into several levels, but for now I give the basic division into positive and negative. Positive are those who bring us benefits in every aspect of our lives. Negative ones are just the opposite and prevent us from living a healthy and desired life as well as from achieving our goals. There are many different influences and negative energies, which can come from ourselves or from others, on a conscious or subconscious level. I will explain here the lesser known but therefore very important ones as well as the help you  to solve them.
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