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Reiki Symbols and Elements
" The secret of the Reiki symbols which are taught during the second level and the master level cannot be revealed in the words, they can actually be experienced during the practice of Reiki meditation. During the attunement process, they are “psychically imprinted” into the students’ subconscious minds. There are mainly four symbols in Reiki, but to include all the basic elements of nature (“Panchbhuta”) such as earth, fire, air, water and space, I am explaining as five basic symbols. With Reiki practice, if these elements are combined, they will bring exceptional results to the practitioner. According to the need of the healing, the Reiki practitioner should combine the symbols with the crystals and bring the balance to the body of the person.
Reiki symbols are not just symbols, but they are scientifically connected to the
                                         nature and its elements.
The Power Symbol

The power symbol is related to the earth element. Earth element brings stability, strength, comfort and grounding. The person who has balanced their earth element can feel a deep connection with the earth and feel more rooted or grounded. These people are able to be calm and have better thoughts and also can balance their lives. The meaning of the symbol “Cho Ku Rei” is “to place the power of the universe”. So, wherever we use this symbol, we actually bring the energy of the universe to that thought or thing. It balances the earth element in the people. This symbol helps to make sure the flow of the energy and it removes all the blockages created during the different phases of the life. The blockages are created mainly due to greediness, laziness, attention seeking attitude, narrow-minded thoughts and overly materialistic gain thoughts. This symbol helps to fulfill our wishes and increases the power of the other symbols by removing such blockages. Earth element is also related to the north side and the archangel for this element is angel Uriel.

During the attunement or after the attunement, some people get headaches and fever generally during the initial days of cleaning. This happened due to the energy you give that comes through your crown chakra, but due to blockages it cannot pass through the root chakra and it gets stuck inside your body and creates instability of energy. During this, the energy remains very high in the upper part and less in an amount in the lower part due to lack of grounding which results in fever, headache etc. Reiki actually removes these blockages by ensuring the energy flow throughout the body.
The Emotional Symbol – Water

Water element actually helps to nurture the fundamental qualities of humanity. The emotional symbol “Sei He Ki” is related to our emotions and which brings balance to the emotions by balancing the water element. After Reiki we feel thirsty as whenever we practice Reiki it balances the water element and it recognizes the need of the water in our body. Overall, it balances emotional part of us.

Water means emotions, intuition, dreams, healing, empathy, cleansing etc. Water covers more than 3/4 parts of the Earth. Even in our body, it takes more than 70% of our body weight in terms of blood, saliva, tears, digestive juices, urine etc. The imbalance created by the negative feelings such as sadness, jealousy, shame, fear, guilt, doubt etc. To bring the balance among the emotions, it is highly required to balance this ingredient.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment about the water molecules depicts clear a relation between the thoughts and the change in the shape of the water molecule. He showed in his experiments, any negative thought ruptures the molecule of the water very badly whereas thoughts of gratitude, meditation, and happiness shape the molecule in a beautiful crystalline form. Whenever we practice Reiki with gratitude or meditation, this molecule becomes very nice crystalline form and cause not only balances of our body energy, but also emotional and psychological balance. This also raises empathic behaviour which helps to understand the people around us and make us real humans.
Weight Management
Most people who are overweight have problems due to an imbalance of this element. Generally, many people have water accumulation in their body and that causes an increase in the weight. To maintain the normal body weight they should drink more water and take less salt. Due to this, the water accumulation will be decreased as the cells get the signal that they will get enough water by drinking it often so they will stop accumulation. Our body gathers and excretes water and salt together. Taking less salt is again less accumulation. This will help to decrease a lot of weight. By giving Reiki to your food and water with this symbol will bring a quick balance to your weight.
Water element brings out the ability to dare. It also helps in the astral travel and other psychic powers. It mainly helps to cleanse the space. This also boosts the ability of intuition.
The Distance Symbol – Air

Air represents the freedom. Air means thought, reason, freedom, memory, communication, intelligence, awareness and knowledge etc. The distance symbol connects with all other energies by the means of the air. The meaning of this symbol is “The God in me reaches out to the God in you to promote enlightenment and peace.” As we breathe in and breathe out, we are connected with all other human beings and by using this symbol and Reiki energy; we can actually feel this connections. We can send Reiki to anybody at any place by using this air element. This element balances our Throat chakra or our speech or freedom of expression and also the Third Eye chakra. That also represents a quality of voice, communication, confidence and expressions. This gets block by lies, dishonesty, garrulousness, backbiting, gossips, boasting, selfishness and manipulations.

The distance symbol not only connects with others but also, boosts our divine knowledge in terms of intuition. It also improves the freedom of thought and expression by cleaning Throat and Third Eye chakras. If we think of freedom, we always symbolize it with the bird who freely flying in the air. This element is also very important for freedom in terms of communication, in terms of decisions, in terms of actions or beliefs. The person who has a habit of speaking lies can be healed by this symbol. Also, this helps to take out our emotions by means of communication so, it is used with the emotional symbol.

This also helps to find any lost object. Because it connects us with all the energies out there and helps to pick the frequency of the lost object and by that means we can find it. People who practice meditation regularly can do telepathy, distance healing, astral travelling etc. using this symbol. This helps to connect with anything which is connected with the air. Laughter is also related to this element. The balance of the air element in the person displays thoughtful personality who carefully evaluates each part of the problems.
Imbalance in this element brings lies, hasty decisions, dishonesty and manipulations. The person has difficulties in communications and expressions mostly in relationships and at work. They cannot be firm on the commitments and can easily be distracted by anything. Also, they have problems related to logical thinking and they are very orthodox. Additionally, they easily forget the things and for the students, if this element is imbalanced, they cannot remember their studies.
Raku – the fire

Fire liquefies everything. It also liquefies all negative clots from the body. Fire represents action, will, passion, anger, desire, lust, energy, destruction, strength and protection. Fire symbolizes the will and the will power. The fire also gives us warmth. The symbolRaku means “The Fire Serpent.” It is not part of master symbols, but highly used for the balancing the energy after the attunement. The symbol also used for the grounding and sealing energy in the seven chakras and keep it flowing inside. It also symbolizes the lightning from the heaven and represents the life force energy. The symbol also used for the quick healing of the whole body with proper training.

In India, in the ancient time, the Rishis used to have many rituals with the sacred fire. This fire purifies the environment and was also used to purify the body of the person. This was used with the chanting before. Raku is the beautiful symbol which helps to balance the fire element in our body. The chakra related to this symbol is the Solar Plexus and the parts of the body are the digestive system. This symbol can be used with other symbols of Reiki and sealed with the power symbol to increase its power.

The qualities which can be improved in anyone by using this symbol are enthusiasm, courage, will power, faithfulness and daring. The imbalance of fire in the body brings problems of the digestive system and also makes the person stubborn, greedy, jealous, angry and resentful. If the fire element is over than required, the person becomes violent, egotistical and dominating.
Dai Ko Myo – The Sky

We actually get the master symbol after the third attunement. This symbol represents the sky, means the space. That connects with the ultimate purpose of our life. It connects us with the divine and directs us with the purpose of our being. Every time anybody gets this attunement, they have a different experience than all other attunements. There is a drastic change in the person’s life and behavior. The person becomes spiritually connected and finds oneself near the divine energy. The person gets the final master symbol from the teacher during this attunement which has the highest vibrations. I have got my twin flame after this attunement.

During this attunement, our Crown chakra opens completely and directly connects with the divinity. After this attunement, a person needs to eat some proper food as this is the highest energy flow that happens in the Crown chakra and by this way in the whole body. This leads to heaviness in the head for a few days. The sky has no limit; similarly, this symbol has limitless powers. All the material needs are fulfilled in almost no time and person’s desires become purer and lead to the spiritual path. This symbol is used for enlightenment, open all the energy channels in the body and keep any negativity, black magic or any such bad energy far away from the person. Even if something happened with the person in the past due to any such energy, all the effects are removed after this attunement. After this attunement, the person automatically leads to the meditation, learning other psychic abilities and healing of others."
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