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Some Definitions

Addictive Heart Energy (AHE)-an energy given off by the heart in its desperation to feel love, happiness, etc. It attracts negativity and can be a factor in addictions. It only occurs when there has been a heart wall present, and needs to be released separately from it.

Allergy or Intolerance – trapped energies can cause or contribute to hypersensitivity to physical substances, such as pollen, pet dander or foods, and even to thoughts and ideas.

Chakras-from the Hindu tradition, chakras are centers of energy that emanate from the spine and direct the flow of energy through the body.

Cording-an energetic connection between two people. When one person drains energy from the other, or otherwise keeps an inappropriate attachment to them, the cord is unhealthy and needs to be removed.

Curses-a energy that has been placed into a person’s energy field by another person with negative, though often unconscious intention. Usually created from repetitive negative thinking.

Despair Anchor– a negative, limiting belief which is perceived as true by the subconscious mind, and which the subconscious continually seeks to prove and demonstrate to be true.

Disconnection– a break in the energetic connection between either two parts of the body (physical-to-physical), the body and energy body (spirit-to-physical), or a tear in the aura (spirit-to-spirit).

Emotional Resonance (ER)-sometimes, rather than causing a trapped emotion, a traumatic event will cause an energetic vibration to resonate throughout the entire body- the way a bell will still vibrate long after the ringing sound is no longer audible.

Entities- there are two different kinds: Disembodied Spirits and Evil Spirits. Both types seek to attach themselves to humans in order to influence their thoughts and behaviors. Disembodied Spirits were once human beings and are now “ghosts”. They seek to live vicariously through living humans and attempt to influence them to do the things which they had enjoyed during life. Evil Spirits have never and will never live a human life. Their main desire to to exert control over people, and to get them involved in all sorts of negative patterns and behaviors in order to get them off their life path.

Heart Wall (HW)-a wall of energy that the subconscious mind constructs around the heart as a protective measure after experiencing deep hurt, grief, loss or heartache.  It is made up of layers of trapped emotions which can be added to over time, making the Heart Wall thicker and thicker. Although it can be beneficial to have this protection at first, ultimately it blocks the heart from giving and receiving love, and stifles creative potential in all aspects of life. A Heart Wall also causes one to attract negativity, and can be the source of physical pain and disease. Dr. Nelson estimates that 90% of people have a Heart Wall. Releasing the Heart Wall can have far reaching positive results. It is the single most important thing you can do for your health and happiness.

Images– a subconscious “picture in the mind.” The subconscious will attempt to fulfill this image, and will direct (or misdirect) behavior to make sure this image “comes true.” These often interfere with goals and relationships, depending on what the image is of.

Inflammation Energy– an energy that is trapped in the body tissues where there has been an injury, infection or other cause of inflammation. It can cause the tissues to remain inflamed longer than they should.

Intolerance– an energy that causes the body to have a negative reaction to a food or other element. Most often refers to food intolerances, which cause digestive problems and energy loss when that food is eaten.

Kinesiology– testing various muscles as a connection to the subconscious mind. Can be done directly or by proxy.

Magnetic Field Distortion– an imbalance in the body’s magnetic field. The Japanese term it as Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (MFDS). Caused by a lack of connection with the Earth’s magnetic field which TE’s, etc. often cause or contribute to.

Memory Field Imbalance – The energy of memories stored in a “cloud” or “bubble” in the energy field, “in front” of a person, keeping these memories in the present instead of the past. This can occur when memories are traumatic or often recalled (ruminated upon). It makes it difficult to move ahead in life until moved “behind” the person, or released.

Meridian System– from Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is the means by which the energy, or chi flows through the body, similar to the way the circulatory system transports blood.

Miasm– from the field of Homeopathy, it is an inherited  distortion in the energy field caused by the suppression of a disease experienced by an ancestor.

Microbial Toxins- there are two types: 1. toxins created by pathogens in the body as a byproduct of their own metabolism. For example, parasites excrete uric acid, which often causes joint and muscle pain; and, 2. when pathogens die, the breakdown of their bodies releases toxins that causes “die-off” symptoms.

Misalignment– the imbalance of a tissue, anywhere in the body. Can cause pain and malfunction in an organ, gland, etc.

No Will to Live Energy-  an energy that becomes trapped when life overwhelms us and we lose the desire to live. Can occur from even a temporary experience of these feelings. It can cause depression, trouble moving forward, or physical issues.

Physical Trauma Energy– an energy that becomes trapped after either a physical event, like a car accident or fall, or from a traumatic emotional event which is experienced strongly in the body (like a “punch to the gut”).

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions – the energy of a negative statement in the subconscious mind. They can be placed directly into the mind by negative entities when the mind is open and vulnerable. Can result in depression, obsessions and suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Proxy Session– someone who has been given permission to act in place of another person is referred to as their proxy.  When you give me permission to do so, I will act as your proxy for the session, energetically connecting to your energy field and testing myself as if I were you. Then I clear or balance whatever you test as needing addressed. It works just as effectively as if we were together and I was working on you directly. Energy is not subject to the physical constraints of time and distance.

Psychic Trauma– when two emotions are experienced simultaneously and become trapped at the same time in one ball of energy.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system in which life force energy is channeled into the client’s energy field to activate the natural healing processes of the client’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. There are several different but related types of Reiki.

Saboteur– energy “weapons” placed into a person’s energy field by someone else, or even  themselves. Usually placed subconsciously as a manifestation of negative feelings, and it is usually symbolic in type and location (“a knife in the back”).

Six Pernicious Influences– from Traditional Chinese Medicine, imbalances in the energy system causing disruption in normal function and cause disease. They are:  1) Cold- an excess yin energy, depleting the body’s energy. 2) Heat- can be externally sourced, like spending too much time outside in very hot weather, or internally sourced, from pathogens, and cause overactive yang functions. 3) Dampness- a congestion and slowing of the energy flow, also can be internally or externally sourced. 4) Dryness- often accompanies Heat, the lack of moisture causes disharmony in the flow of energy. 5) Summer Heat- a damp heat, always externally sourced and causes the energy flow to become slow and lethargic. 6) Wind- an excess yang energy, there can be wind cold, heat or dampness, and is considered the major cause of illness in TCM.

Trapped Emotion (TE)– the energy of an intensely felt emotion can become lodged in your energy field as a ball of energy. It causes imbalance in the energy field, and can result in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial issues. Trapped Emotions can be inherited, or even absorbed from other people. In the case of inherited trapped emotions (ITE’s),  I will identify which ancestor you inherited it from, and release it from everyone in your lineage, including your children and grandchildren. Below, I have provided a list of emotions and definitions, as used in The Emotion Code/Body Code.

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