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Reiki In Hospitals
                                                          Reiki Therapy
                           is actively being integrated among Hospitals all over the World. Here is just a part of it:

Reiki and USA's Top 3 Cancer Hospitals
October 8, 2017
All Top 3 Cancer Hospitals in the USA have Integrative Medicine Programs that are providing, -or have provided- Reiki Therapy towards the patients and in some settings even to medical staff.

Reiki in the United Kingdom (2018)
August 22, 2017
The United Kingdom is a leading country regarding integration and amplification of the medical services and therapeutic options. This is why Reiki in the UK is a growing reality.

Reiki in Australian Hospitals and Palliative Care Centres (2018)
January 12, 2018
Australian Healthcare and Palliative Care combine state of the art technology along with Reiki and other energy therapies, in order to provide the best outcome for patients.

Reiki is reaching the Top Hospitals
February 26, 2017
From the Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic to the best oncologic centres in Australia, Reiki is steadily approaching the patient and promoting well-being at the best Hospitals Worldwide.

Reiki and Hospitals in Canada (2017)
June 13, 2017
Over the past 10 years Canada has doubled the use of alternative therapies, nowadays almost half of its population use them for well-being or for treatment.

Reiki in Brazil is a therapy endorsed by Federal laws that acknowledge the effectiveness of energy medicine practices, this is why so many Hospitals in Brazil have integrated this therapy as an alternative and complementary option.

Reiki in Mexico (2018)
January 31, 2018
Reiki therapy in Mexico is slowly gaining presence, not only in hospitals but also in trusts; and even has been object of study in some scientific essays.

Reiki in Portugal (2017)
May 17, 2017
Portugal is on the rise! Recently winning the Eurovision Contest, but more importantly: offering reiki therapy in many public and private hospitals.

Reiki and Spanish Hospitals (2017)
May 10, 2017
Only in Madrid there are at least 12 hospitals and 14 healthcare facilities where Reiki is available to a diverse sort of patients and personnel. Important cities like Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia are also embracing this tecnique.

Healing the Healer: Reiki for Healthcare Providers
April 24, 2017
Several hospitals and clinics in the world already display all sort of therapies for their own staff, being the nursery staff the one displaying more openness towards this trend which already seems unstoppable.

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